Master the entire raw vacant land flipping process for maximum profits.

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Are You Ready to Take Massive Action?

Are You Ready to Master Flipping Raw Vacant Land?

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Back in 2004, I delved into real estate investing by reading books and buying residential rental homes. Without or Zillow, I got a real estate license to access MLS and earned commission for each purchase. Despite not intending to be a "Realtor," I became one of the top producers in my office while working full-time as a logistics director. However, I bought houses at the market's peak and didn't make any profit. I also faced the usual landlord challenges.


Looking for a real estate investing business with the potential to earn at least 200% to well over 1,000% return? Our opportunity allows you to work from anywhere with just a telephone, computer, and internet connection. Say goodbye to rush hour traffic and hello to the freedom of working an average of 2 hours per day. With many parts of the business able to be outsourced relatively cheaply, you can focus on growing your business and achieving your financial goals.

Reselling raw vacant land is a simple way to become a real estate investor without a license or a lot of money.


Successful raw vacant land flippers set goals, prepare, train, then implement action to obtain their target. My mission is for you to understand the industry foundation and apply your training to make sound investment decisions allowing you to obtain unlimited income using safe investments. However, you must commit to being an achiever. Some people take action as a way of life.

They digest this training material and are amazed at the financial results they reach.


There are others who purchase every training course available but don’t put into action. Don’t be one of those people. Challenge yourself to finish the training and commit to achieving your goals. Implement what you’ve learned. There’s a reason you invested in this course. Maybe you are tired of working for someone else and making them money through your hard efforts. I understand you might be scared. Things are difficult at first until you put into action. Don’t get analysis paralysis. You must act!

Remember, this is not a get rich overnight business. However, with persistence, you can earn passive income for years by selling land on terms (owner financing).

The company I worked for, which was a large logistics firm operating across the country, filed for bankruptcy and subsequently shut down.

Afterward, I started collaborating with a few investors who purchased homes and sold them wholesale. I met with potential sellers after the investors received leads from various sources, including radio. Initially, I made quick and good money. However, in mid-2006, the real estate market was flooded with foreclosures, and the investors wanted me to focus on them. Unfortunately, banks were not responding to offers for foreclosed homes, and I stopped earning money. Then came the Great Recession, and I lost everything I owned and was left with no money.

Later that year, I was offered a supervisory position in logistics that paid about 50% of my previous salary. I also worked part-time for a self-storage company. Despite my financial struggles, I knew that real estate was the key to financial freedom, so I searched for options. In 2013, I started buying and selling raw vacant land. However, in 2014, I lost my logistics position of six years and my part-time self-storage position of 11 years within six months of each other, and neither was due to my performance. I applied to hundreds of logistics industry positions, but my phone didn't ring. I believed that my extensive experience and age were the reasons for my lack of job offers.  It was time that I put my efforts into flipping raw vacant land.

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Free Webinar Registration

Client Testimonials

“I was very pleased with the Land Flip Training program. The best part was that the cost is extremely reasonable & the videos were available no matter where I was. I completed part of them at home, some at the office, and some while traveling. I thought the length of the segments was perfect. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.”

Jonas T.

Peoria, AZ

“One of the very best things I have done was to purchase access to Land Flip Training LLC’s videos & sign up for coaching. I bought a property within a month and sold that same property within one week doubling my investment. I could not have accomplished this without Bob’s guidance. He is a delight to work with & his program has literally helped to change my life.”

Dan H.

Raleigh, NC

“Bob’s coaching is the real deal – no gimmicks or prepackaged plans, but authentic, relevant coaching and consulting that fits you and your business. I researched other programs and felt that a lot of the programs were heavy on motivational content, but short on providing actual plans that could be put into actual practice.”

Mark N.

Mesa, AZ

What This Academy Offers

Complete Access to the Online Academy

Step By Step Videos, Downloads, Case Studies +MORE!

Imagine Learning How to Flip Raw Vacant Land for HUGE Profits starting with very little Money! Land Flip Training, LLC will Show You All the Proven Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Raw Vacant Land Flipping Success! STOP Dreaming About Financial Freedom…Let’s Make It Your Reality!

  • Our step-by-step videos explain the raw vacant land flipping business in great detail without wasting a lot of your time or trying to dig into your pocket.
  • We’ve included numerous downloads including Sale and Purchase Agreements that we use daily in our business. (Although, we do suggest you discuss the agreements with an attorney.)
  • As proof of concept, we’ve included several case studies showing some of the crazy returns realized.

 Access To Our Online Private Community

Private, Connect With Investors, Live AMA's

The importance of networking with like-minded people shouldn’t be discounted. Would you rather venture into flipping raw vacant land all alone and try to make it work? While attending college, I heard a saying that is so true…” if you want to be an A student, you need to hang with other A students”.

  • Our private online group is unlike any social network.  We want you to stay focused and connect with others in the same industry.
  • Learn of potential wholesale deals. If you don’t have the funds, don’t worry, you may be able to connect with investors in our community.
  •  AMA’s (ask me anything) are a great way to learn from others in the same industry.

Live Web Group Session & Events

Professional Insight, Live Mentoring

Having the right knowledge and skills of knowing WHAT to look for in buying raw vacant land wholesale and then knowing HOW to flip it for maximum profits is essential! Many “newbie” raw vacant land flippers go into this business blindly and pay a hefty price for it. They may read a few things about buying and flipping raw vacant land, but they don’t ever fully understand the whole process…from A to Z. We’ve “walked the walk” so to speak and created a business plan for flipping raw vacant land that he’s used time and time again to make big profits.

  • Twice a month we hold live Study Halls. Study Hall A covers the 1st half of the course materials and Study Hall B covers the 2ndhalf of the course materials.
  • During these live sessions, we also allow time for Q&A's.

  • This is a great opportunity to hear from our professionals, as well as our students.

Student Software & Tools Bundle

Deal Tracker, Equity Planner +More

Land Flip Training, LLC has created easy to use tools for your success. We have incorporated the latest technology simplifying your business needs. Why try to reinvent the wheel when we’ve done all of the hard work for you?

  • Our Deal Tracker is a unique tracking mechanism that focuses on each of the properties that you have purchased and sold. Allowing you the ability to view at a glance your progress.
  • Our Equity Planner is a framework to create a vision for your future in both macro and micro timelines by establishing your financial retirement goals then working backward to establish monthly targets.

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Are You Ready to Take Massive Action?

Are You Ready to Master Land Flipping?


Enroll Now! $6497 Limited Offer